Broker Services Program

Apex Capital LLC helps brokers and independent sales organizations develop more profitable and sustainable businesses — with bigger deals, higher commissions and faster funding for your customers.

The Simple Way to Grow Your Business

At Apex Capital LLC we understand the difficulty that brokers and independent sales organizations (ISOs) can face when searching for a lending partner for their customers. We started much the same way. Now, nearly 20 years later we have become one of the leading lenders for small businesses nationwide. Apex Capital LLC has been able to provide well over $1.5 billion to businesses. Drawing on our experience as a broker, Apex Capital LLC has created a Broker Services Program, designed to assist brokers in serving small businesses nationwide.

Our Broker Services Provide Many Benefits, Including:

  • Loans up to $500,000
  • Early payoff discounts
  • No site inspections
  • No landlord calls on deals under $300,000
  • Documents can be signed using DocuSign for faster turnaround times
  • We do not file UCCs on deals under $250,000, protecting your renewal pipeline
  • Dedicated renewal team ready to handle the entire process for you

Dedicated to Your Success

The Broker Services Program from Apex Capital LLC provides rapid turnaround times, enhanced customer benefits, and dedicated resources to help improve your profit margin on every transaction. We even offer a dedicated renewal team, which means you keep customers longer with more opportunity for profit at no cost to you. By providing the personalized financing and service your customers crave, Apex Capital LLC will help you bring in new customers and keep current customers returning again and again. If you are looking for an industry-leading lending partner for your broker business or sales organization, look no further than Apex Capital LLC. With quick decisions, rapid financing, personal customer service, and a dedicated renewal team, Apex Capital LLC is the simple solution to increase revenue and help your business thrive.